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Lynco Electric Co. Inc. has been extremely helpful to owners by using various cooperative pricing agreements.  The primary means of contracting at this time is CES (Cooperative Educational Services).  This covers almost all public entities in New Mexico and some in Texas.
The team of CES and Lynco Electric has successfully completed a very large number of projects both large and small.  We currently have a number of CES contracts that owners can take advantage of.  The owner receives top quality work in a quick and cost effective manner.  We would encourage you to contact any of our previous customers to assure that you feel very comfortable about our qualifications.


CES is an entity created to help governmental agencies purchase services in a quick and efficient manner.  The tedious and lengthy process of drafting bid documents, soliciting bids, and resolving protests is completely avoided.  CES has already competitively received proposals from service providers.  They have also evaluated and qualified each service provider on their team.
Listed below are a few common questions about CES :
Who is CES ?
Cooperative Educational Services (CES) is an entity created by educational institutions throughout the State of New Mexico that have joined together for the purpose of purchasing  construction services at an economical price due to volume buying.  Many of the public entities such and cities, agencies, and counties can also use their services.
What role does CES play as a cooperative ?
CES plays the role of the buyer who purchases construction services for the members in accordance with the terms, conditions, specifications, and prices established through a cooperative solicitation.  CES prepares, issues, receives, evaluates, awards, and manages the solicitation and the resulting contract (s) on behalf of all of it's members and participating entities.
As a team Lynco Electric Co. Inc. and CES have completed every single type of electrical work.   This includes :
Medium voltage
Fiber optics
Sports lighting
Data systems
Emergency generators
Fire alarm systems
PA Intercom systems
Rodeo arenas
Building relighting
School electronic signs
School zone signs
Photovoltaic lighting
Street lighting
Area lighting
Portable classrooms
Stage lighting
Listed below is the contact information for CES:
4216 Balloon Park Road, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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