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Lynco Electric Co. Inc. continually strives to be an asset to the owner.  We assure trust and confidence in our abilities on every project that we are involved with.  This is attributed to employees who thrive on the personal pride of a job well done.

All of our employees are :

* Safety and security conscious

* Drug free

* Highly trained which contributes to our high 

  efficiency and minimal errors

* United States Citizens

* Skilled in many of the trades along with their

   electrical skills

These craftsmen are backed up by an inside organization which recognizes and seeks to avert the problems that owners often encounter.
We are proud to say that our company is financially stable with a broad base of equipment and tooling.  Our bonding company has committed to bonding our projects up to $20,000,000.00 in aggregate electrical sales.  This stability eliminates any lien problems from vendors and assures that all employees and suppliers will be compensated for their work.  Our suppliers recognize our financial base and are able to help with any material problems or pricing in a very timely manner.
Lynco Electric Co. Inc. owns a very large amount of equipment and tooling.  Very quickly, our electricians have access to any equipment that they may need.  this helps their performance and avoids delays to the owner's project.
Lynco Electric is experienced in the following types of work:
*  Government projects
*  Corps of Engineer work
*  Commercial buildings
*  Industrial plants
*  Sports lighting
*  Wastewater treatment plants
*  Institutional buildings
*  Industrial maintenance
*  Underground medium voltage systems to 25KV
*  Overhead medium voltage systems to 25KV
*  Remodels
*  Big box stores
*  Hospitals
*  Emergency generator systems
*  Fiber optic installations
*  Data systems
*  Security lighting
*  Fence security detection systems
*  UPS emergency systems
*  Commercial swimming pools
*  Communications wiring
*  Defense facilities
*  Instrumentation systems
*  Explosionproof facilities
*  Fire alarm systems
*  Public address systems
*  Design build projects
*  Custom electrical engineering
*  Fast-Track construction projects
*  Caustic area wiring
*  Lightning protection systems
Our office / shop / warehouse is very professional and has been in the same location for 47 years.  This facility is fully equipped with any special tools or equipment that might be needed at the job sites to help production.  We are able to store all materials in weather tight warehouse space which prevents damage to stored material or equipment.  Our large conference room enables the owners and all interested parties to attend coordination meetings at our office instead of trying to squeeze into small jobsite accommodations.
The shop areas are very large with unloading
areas for tractor trailer rigs.  Any shipment can be quickly unloaded by forklift and immediately stored in our warehousing.  This benefits the owners by assuring them that materials are offloaded quickly and are safely stored.  When a project is ready to be started, trucks and materials can be loaded and quickly dispatched to the job site.  Once again, the owner benefits from this efficiency.
Lynco Electric Co. Inc. has been successful performing work both as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor.  We have a GB-98 general contractor's license which helps complete projects that have smaller amounts of miscellaneous types of work.
The projects that we are most proud of are those in which we have been involved in the development and engineering.  Our engineering and subsequent AutoCAD drawings have been the crucial link between the owner's electrical requirements and empowering our electricians to complete their work as efficiently as possible.
With this engineering we have been able to assess each situation and determine the best plan of action.  The owner benefits when we can determine what materials, equipment, manpower, and tooling can best be combined to complete the owner's project as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Lynco Electric Co. Inc. is probably the only electrical contracting company in this area with a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer on staff.
From the excellent reputation that we have established with owners, engineers, architects, general contractors, and suppliers, we feel that we have accomplished our goals.
This month we started our 1,240th major project.  As we drive around Southern New Mexico and West Texas,  we are very proud of the jobs that have been completed in the last 47 years.  Lynco Electric is the oldest electrical contractor in Southern New Mexico and we will keep accomplishing our goals.
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